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Frequently asked questions

Please feel free to give me a shout if you can't find your answer below.

Do your products contain allergens?

Here at Pasticceria Lorena I take allergies and intolerances very seriously. YES, The majority of my products do contain allergens including: Nuts (Hazelnutspistachios and almonds) wheat gluten, eggs, soya and Milk. Some products also contain Sulphites. It is important to note that some of my products have added syrups and flavourings which contain E numbers, when consumed in large quantities these can have an adverse affect on children’s behaviour. Please check each product for specific listing of ingredients, or if you are ordering a bespoke cake, please discuss your dietary requirements with me.

I can offer some gluten-free recipe options, however I am not a gluten-free kitchen, therefore I cannot guarantee against traces. I do not unfortunately offer vegan cakes.

If you are in any doubt about allergens, please ask before placing an order.

How much notice do I need to give for an order?

Well…The simple answer is the more notice you can give the better. I am the only baker in my business therefore there is a limit to the amount of orders I can take at any one time, so if you can, get in there first! For smaller orders of gateaux or pastries, a weeks’ notice is preferable, for weddings and large events I recommend 6-12 months’ notice.  However, I never like to let people down, so always give me a call and I will do my best to accommodate you, even at short notice.

How long do fresh cakes and pastries last?

Products containing fresh cream and pastry cream remain fresh for 48 hours after collection as long as they are refrigerated. They will be safe to consume up to 72 hours after collection however please note the pastry may begin to soften and the quality diminish.

How should I store my cakes and pastries and can they be frozen?

The majority of my products need to be refrigerated and can be done so in the box provided. If you have ordered my cakes and pastries for a party, please note they should not be left out on display for more than 3 hours at room temperature.  I do not recommend freezing my bakes, as the quality of the pastry and cream is affected.

How many pastries should I order?

My pastries are small and vary from bite-sized to slightly bigger dessert portions. As a general rule, I advise you to order 2-3 per person to give your guests the option to try more than one variety and offer them the equivalent of a full dessert portion. For weddings and large events, I have a minimum order of 50 per type of pastry, for smaller orders, it’s 24.

Can my cakes and pastries be delivered?

Delivery is available on request for larger orders such as weddings or parties at an additional cost based on distance and time. This should be discussed at the time of placing your order. Smaller orders are for collection only.

What is a design consultation and what does it involve?

If you are ordering for a wedding or large event I offer a consultation and tasting session where you have my undivided attention for an hour. During this time you will get to sample some of my pastries and cakes and we can discuss exactly what you want for your cake or dessert table. Tasting consultations cost £25. During periods of lockdown restrictions I will be offering these in a slightly different way, with tasting boxes for collection and consultations via video calling.

To help me get a feel for your wedding or party, please bring with you any images, mood boards, stationary, textiles, colour schemes etc that you are using/thinking of using. I will ask lots of questions and feel free to do the same and then together we can arrive at the perfect design and dessert selection for you.

How much does a wedding cake cost?

These are entirely bespoke and therefore one price doesn’t fit all. There are many factors that determine the price of a cake including the complexity of design and detail, size, ingredients, the addition of toppers or brooches or flowers.  However, I know how important it is to get an idea of cost so here is a rough guide to my starting prices:

Single tier wedding cake starting at £125

Two tier wedding cake £250

Three tier £380

How much does a dessert table cost?

This is very much dependent on the type of desserts and quantity you choose, as well as if you would like me to display them and in what way. Factors affecting the cost will be design presentation costs, stand hire, delivery and set up, collection of stands etc the following day. Please see the sample wedding package brochure for a more comprehensive guide to costs based on 100 guests.

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