per unit (minimum order of 24, 50 for weddings)

Understandably mistaken for the humble profiterole, the Bigne՛ although familiar in its looks, is a far cry from the fresh cream filled stacks that adorn the supermarket shelves. As my best seller of the pasticcini range, this little heavenly mouthful consists of a light choux pastry bun filled with a smooth and silky pastry cream that can be flavoured to suit a multitude of tastes. It can be topped with chocolate or simply dusted with icing sugar, either way, it tastes divine.

Flavour choices: Vanilla, Lemon Limoncello, chocolate, chocolate and hazelnut, hazelnut, pistachio, rum crocantino, caramel.

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Butter, 00 flour, sugar, salt, eggs, water, egg yolks, whole milk, vanilla paste, cornflour, custard powder, ‘Bon Crema’ Italian pastry cream flavouring syrup, granulated sugar, chocolate or icing sugar.

Flavourings for pastry cream:

  • Lemon zest and limoncello liquor
  • Dark Chocolate
  • Nutella
  • Pure hazelnut paste
  • Pure pistachio paste
  • ‘Bon crema’ Rum crocantino flavouring paste
  • Home-made caramel

Additional information


Mignon (miniature) approx 1.5”-2” in diameter


£1.75 per unit (minimum order of 24 and 50 for weddings)


Store in refrigerator. Not suitable for freezing.


This product will remain good to eat for 72 hours after collection


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