Crostata di Frutta

Crostata di Frutta


A larger version of the of the mini tart, and equally delicious, it has a beautifully crisp, zesty lemon pastry. It is filled with a smooth and sumptuous vanilla pastry cream and is topped with glazed fresh fruits. Popular in the summer time when summer berries are at their best, this is available May-September as pictured. During autumn and winter months the berries can be substituted for more seasonal fruits.

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Butter, 00 flour, Icing sugar, lemon zest, egg yolks, whole milk, vanilla paste, cornflour, custard powder, ‘Bon Crema’ Italian pastry cream flavouring syrup, granulated sugar, fresh fruits, apricot glaze.

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9-inch round


£35 (Add a personalised chocolate plaque for an extra £3)


Store in refrigerator. Not suitable for freezing.


This product will remain good to eat for 48 hours after collection


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