Rum Babá

Rum Babá


per unit (minimum order of 24, 50 for weddings)

Native to the Neapolitan region, this mushroom-shaped sweet treat lies somewhere between a sweet bread and a cake sponge. Its leavened dough lends itself well to absorbing the Rum and citrus syrup with which it is soaked and it is beautifully balanced with a vanilla chantilly cream filling and fresh fruit decoration. This pasticcini comes with a warning: consume too many and you will feel light headed!

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Manitoba Flour, fresh yeast, sugar, salt, butter, eggs, orange and lemon peel, Rum, double cream, vanilla paste, fresh fruit and apricot jam glaze.

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Mignon (miniature) approx 2.5"-3” in length


£2.20 per unit (minimum order of 24 and 50 for weddings)


Store in refrigerator. Not suitable for freezing.


This product will remain good to eat for 48 hours after collection


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