Torta Tradizionale

Torta Tradizionale


I named this cake as ‘traditional’ as it’s the cake of my childhood. Every birthday, anniversary, christening and even weddings would be celebrated with this cake, and when you taste it, you will see why it remains the all time favourite Italian celebration cake. The sponge is the lightest you will ever taste, it is soaked with a beautifully scented vanilla liqueur which I import from Italy and its marriage with a smooth vanilla pastry cream and chantilly cream coating makes for a melt in the mouth sensation. The cake can be decorated with your choice of fresh fruit, bigne՛, white chocolate flakes or chopped nuts.

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Sponge flour, Eggs, Sugar, vanilla powder, Butter, 00 flour, salt, water, egg yolks, whole milk, vanilla paste, cornflour, custard powder, ‘Bon Crema’ Italian pastry cream flavouring syrup, granulated sugar, double cream, Lemon zest and vanilla liqueur.

Optional: white chocolate, flaked almonds or chopped hazelnuts


Additional information


8 inch round (larger available on request)


£70 (Add a personalised chocolate plaque for an extra £3)


Store in refrigerator in its original packaging. Not suitable for freezing.


This product will remain good to eat for 72 hours after collection


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